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Image by Emily Wang

Property Sourcing

Distressed Assets

We have extensive experience of working with clients resident in the UK and overseas and formulating a property investment strategy based on their needs and requirements.  We can assist in many ways:

  • Source, renovate (if required) and let the property

  • Train the client to source the property

  • Mentor the client over a period of time to source and build a portfolio

Whichever suits you personally, please call the office or e-mail to arrange a consultation.

Property Auction Sourcing

Developing your strategy

Property investments are sourced at auction or off-market according to the client's investment strategy which we will have developed either in-person or via Zoom.  Readers of the book will be aware that we target properties with issues which we can fix and as a consequence the demand (which pushes up price) is suppressed. 

Row of Terraced Houses
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