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Pall Mall - Distressed Assets Property Sourcing

Property Auctions

There is no better method for buying genuine below-market-value properties than at auction.  This office block was bought at auction by us and converted into 25 apartments. We sold them on to investors. 


Auctions present many opportunities, particularly during difficult economic times. Many of the reasons are apparent, but here’s a few:

  • A more transparent market than private treaty.

  • Motivated sellers – distressed assets

  • Problem properties which you can fix.

  • It’s immediate exchange of contracts, which stops gazumping and other issues, such as a last minute increase in the asking price from a seller, who may take advantage of your commitment and that you have already invested cash (legal fees and possibly a survey) and psychologically into the process.

  • All the information for the property is available to all buyers, but local knowledge and research may unearth a greater insight, such as the rental value is too low, or an infrastructure project is planned nearby.

  • You may employ an expert who short cuts your experience and knowledge and guides you to the bargains and fixes the problems.

You will find 'problem properties' which once 'fixed' will add significant value to the investment, some example are shown below.

Renovation & Refurbishment Projects

Properties with Leasehold Issues

Commercial Properties


Repossessed Properties

Properties with Freehold Issues

Industrial Properties

Probate Sales

Land Development

Commercial to Residential Development

House in Multiple Occupation

Land Improvement gaining planning

Serviced Accommodation

Unbroken Block of Flats

Land break-up - garden extensions

Ground Rent Portfolios

Leverage our expertise

We are experts at buying below market value properties at auction and have an excellent and verifiable track record.  If you would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your aims, then please ring 07888 867333 or complete the form below and we will arrange a telephone appointment or Zoom, depending on your preference.

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