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Distressed Property UK

When a property owner, developer or creditor needs immediate cash and wants to sell a property, portfolio or development quickly at less than its market value, it becomes a distressed asset.  These distressed assets are usually sold at property auctions.

Image by Toa Heftiba
Image by Mylo Kaye


There are opportunities in all market conditions for an astute investor to buy property at ‘distressed values’ or below market value.  We have extensive experience, spanning decades, buying and selling hundreds of distressed properties UK in both recessions and booms. We do this full-time and live and breathe property auctions, repossessed property and the research, targeting, filtering and acquisition of outstanding investment opportunities, both for development and sale, and traditional buy to let.
We no longer buy or source properties through estate agents, as the value, transparency and certainty is much better at auction.

(Genuine) Off-Market Property Deals

We have genuine off-market deals, not deals which are packaged and then marketed as 'off-market' to an e-mail list 'market.'  In other words, many agents use the term off-market as just another marketing tool.  Genuine off-market deals connect one seller with one buyer - that's what we do at Distressed Assets

Please contact us today for further information on access to our distressed property UK service.

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