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Property Investment Training & Consultancy

Harness our Experience and Invest in your Future

The next Property Investment and Sourcing Training is in London, Saturday 25th November 2023, from 1000 am to 5.00 pm.

ONLY £97 for the day


Limited places are available. We will train you to:

  • Buy and Flip Property WITHOUT USING ANY OF YOUR CASH

  • Buy distressed properties for just £5,000

  • Buy and flip with a 250% profit in weeks. A current real transaction will be used to illustrate this

  • Use Call Options with little or no cash for huge profits Illustrated with a current real transaction

  • Where to find distressed assets and secure them

  • How to source real off-market BMV properties






This intensive property investment and sourcing course is run by professionals who do this daily with an enviable and verifiable track record. It's for property investors and sourcing agents who want to further their knowledge and learn how to acquire stunning investments for themselves and/or clients.

Download the full course details and trainers here:

We have extensive experience of working with clients resident in the UK and overseas and formulating a property investment strategy based on their needs and requirements. 

We have limited places on the property investment training day, so secure your place now.


Pay just £97 securely through Square:


We can assist in many ways:

  • Source, renovate (if required) and let the property

  • Mentor the client over a period of time to source and build a portfolio

  • Train the client to source the property:


Whichever suits you personally, please call the office or e-mail to arrange a consultation.

You Can Do This With professional training
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Call Now to Secure Your Place
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