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Distressed Assets 1-Day Property Investment and Sourcing Workshop Central London and LIVE ONLINE Saturday 6th July 2024 – Just £97

Distressed Assets 1-Day Property Investment and Sourcing Workshop

Central London and LIVE ONLINE

Saturday 6th July 2024 – Just £97

'Financial security through distressed assets'

Property Investment Courses

No great deals exist in estate agents' windows on Rightmove or Zoopla. Retail investors buy properties at market value.

Wholesale investors buy distressed assets at prices significantly below market value. They buy properties with in-built equity.

The property in the example above had £40,000 in-built equity at purchase

These are not found in the retail market but wholesale at auction, genuine off-market (beware of the 'off-market illusion'), receivers, administrators, probate, mortgagee in possession, bridging companies, etc...

Distressed Assets only source property in the wholesale market, not retail, so the yields we present to clients are double digits and are market-beating.

We will teach you to do it for yourself and/or clients

Property Investment Courses

We will teach you how to do it in our widely acclaimed one-day workshop in London, now also LIVE ONLINE via Zoom for those who do not wish to travel to London or the UK.

Whether you invest or source in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Luton, or Leicester, this one-day workshop will change how you invest in property forever and costs just £97.

The Distressed Assets System is universal and can be applied to any market

Recent examples of what the Distressed Assets System can achieve are shown in this e-mail.

Retail v Wholesale Property Investment - Buy in-built equity

Property Investment Courses

That is a 46% capital appreciation on a 13% gross yield (at the market rent), with a return on cash invested of about 180% (based on the deposit of 25%) - all in a few months.


A Buy, Refurbish, Refinance and Rent (BRRR) without the second R!


The Trainers

Dominic Farrell - A BSc (Hons) in Economics, MBA (Defence), property investor/developer and author of the Amazon No.1 bestseller 'Property Auctions: Repossessions, Bankruptcies and Bargain Properties' 2nd Edition March 2024.

Claire Farrell - Former Director of Legal at Balfour Beatty Construction, Senior Lecturer in Property and Construction Law at Leeds Beckett University and a practising property and construction solicitor with 25 years’ experience and a property investor.


The Programme

What is a distressed asset, and why now is the best time to invest since 2008/2009

• How to source BMV properties for investment or to sell to others, either for a fee or profit (flip)

• Property Call Options explained.

Popular Investment Strategies. The pros and cons, and which work in 2024

‘Problem’ Properties' – How to fix them for substantial capital gain – hold or flip

• Former cannabis farms

• Missing freeholder

• No management company

• Problem tenants

• No planning or building regulations

• Unilateral notices/charges

Property Investor Skills

• Learn to value a property like a professional

• Understand key investment ratios which make a potentially good investment, OUTSTANDING

Property Auctions – Repossessions, Bankruptcies and Bargain Properties LIVE

• 50% below market value (BMV) is achievable - illustrated with real-world examples

• Not all properties at auction offer value. How to sort the outstanding opportunities from the duds

• Strategies and tactics that work in 2024

• Navigate the legal pack – fix issues for a considerable uplift in value – real-world examples

Genuine off-market deals

• The ‘off-market’ illusion

• Sources of Intelligence – Where do you find off-market bargains?

Law - how to fix problems for an instant uplift in equity

• The legal pitfalls to avoid and the legal challenges to embrace

• How to manage risk. The risk management matrix

Finance – the latest bridging and mortgage advice

• Discover the best and most up-to-date sources of finance

• The latest mortgage and bridging advice from an expert, and also learn how to qualify


Property Investment Courses


Workshop Testimonials

“I've been with Dom and his team since 2021, and have been extremely pleased with his advice, guidance, and property expertise. I've made 3 property purchases so far, with more to come in due course, the best so far being a purchase for £65,000 valued during raising a mortgage a few

months later at £95,000, a 46% capital gain, with no renovation being required!

All my investments have been successful.

Dom has a killer combination of skills."

J.R. (Guildford, Surrey)


"Don't think twice about doing this course, it's gold standard and fantastic value for money, it's s no brainer."

Sonia M (Kent)


"Dominic Farrell's education course on buying property at auction in England has been a game-changer for me. The course provided an eye-opening perspective on the rewards and risks involved in this investment strategy, completely transforming my approach to property buying.

What truly stood out were the insightful examples of actual deals completed, which offered a practical understanding of the process. The guest speaker's valuable insights added immense depth to the learning experience.

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their property investment skills. It's an invaluable resource that equips you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the world of property auctions successfully."

Paul Blake (Manchester)


"...I attended the Distressed Assets property course in London 25th November 2023. I had never attended a property seminar before, however, I had been wanting to invest in property for a while and had never been sure what the best route would be, for me and my circumstances.

After attending the seminar, I had a much clearer vision and plan moving forward. The course was packed with information about distressed assets, property auctions, financing, and the legal process. It was based on real-life experiences and examples, from genuine people, Dom & Claire.

I made some good connections on the course, keeping in touch with like-minded people and sharing stories after the event. And most importantly, made my first investment only 2 weeks later, on a property that ticked all my boxes. I'm excited for the future..."

A Rosenthal (London)



"...I attended the one-day training (purely by accident) in November 2023 after coming across Dominic's book - which is an excellent read. A couple of things struck me about Dominic and his team.

Firstly Dominic is an expert in property trading and especially at buying and selling at auctions having done it for decades. He clearly understands distressed assets and more importantly where to find these hidden gems and how to evaluate them to see if they are a bargain to be bought or one to walk away from.

He does this with credibility and confidence, both for himself and his clients. His wife Claire's professional lawyer background and training on the course are huge bonuses.

Also unique about the one-day event was the exclusivity i.e. there was only a small group of serious attendees (investors and sourcers) in the group.

Unlike conventional events with perhaps 200+ participants, where the general idea is to get as many credit cards swiped as possible, this was the exact opposite.

There was NO hard sell of any kind, none whatsoever. Highly recommended..."

J Khan (London)


BOOK NOW - Tickets for the in-person event or LIVE ONLINE can purchased here:


See you on the 6th July 2024.

The in-person event has limited seats available.

A day that will change your view of property investment and possibly your life—buy wholesale, not retail.


Best wishes

Dominic Farrell

m. 07801 445699


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