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Buy Wholesale, Not Retail - Distressed Property UK

We've had a very busy week since the Property Investor Show in London. Indeed potential clients have been calling us, not the other way round, which is very satisfying.

Distressed Property UK
Distressed Property UK

We've had a few completions today and preparing pre-auction offers to be submitted later and also on Monday. The cycle begins again.

Before making an offer at auction, make sure you understand exactly what you're buying, the potential pitfalls, as well as the outcome you want to achieve. Don't be blindsided by the potential, get into the detail, particularly the legal pack.

There's a property in a current auction that looks excellent on paper, but if you know the area, it has trouble written all over it. But it will be bought by someone from outside town, and for completeness, it is being sold by 'someone outside town.'

Don't be the sucker in 'Pass the House.'

Pic - Distressed Property UK - One of my kids detailing the quantities in an ex-cannabis farm. Emphasis on the EX! An excellent investment - FREEHOLD, 185m2 (2,000 sq.ft.), 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large plot of land - £96,000

Buy wholesale, not retail.


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